A Team Of Ponies Visited A Children’s Hospital To Cheer Them Up! I’m CRYING!

We’ve seen many cases of animals being able to help other animals and people to heal and recover from any kind of ailment. Few things are as sweet as watching an animal bring joy and peace to the children who need it the most. The video we put below shows us a magical moment where a team of Ponies give their love where it’s most necessary, at Our Children’s House at Baylor. Particularly, we can see Tristan, one of the small horses, visiting a young boy called Logan who is fighting cancer.

Just look at his reaction and his happy face when he sees a tiny horse walking into his room in the hospital! Clearly, he would’ve never imagined anything like this happening. Logan was still very tired and exhausted from the treatment, so Tristan quickly recognized that he needed to be smooth and careful. So he softly touches the boys feet, as if calling him out to play with him, already having the confidence that a best friend would have. The effort that the medical staff and animal volunteers have made to make this kids happier is invaluable!

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