Teen with Down Syndrome receives an unbelieve series of joyful surprises

Daniel Rivas, a 17-year-old with Down syndrome, couldn’t get a date for homecoming until Kylie Fronius asked him to be her date. But that wasn’t nearly the end of the surprises waiting for both of them.

Their heartwarming story spread, and FOX5 Surprise Squad wanted to make homecoming even more special for them. Monica Jackson of the Surprise Squad arrived at Kylie’s house before they departed for homecoming.

Jackson spoke to Kylie, Daniel, and Daniel’s mom. His mom was moved by Kylie’s kindness because she didn’t see Daniel’s disability. As a mom, all she wants is for people to see Daniel as another teenager.

Kylie and Daniel were surprised with a Rolls Royce, which drove them to a local bistro before going to the homecoming venue. They ate dinner with Daniel’s mom, who said he always wanted to take her family to the restaurant but could never afford it.

When Daniel and Kylie arrived at their homecoming dance, a red carpet was rolled out for them. They walked down with their classmates and teachers, cheering them on.

Jackson got up on stage and told Daniel and Kylie that they were sending them and their families to Disneyland. The surprises weren’t over, and United Nissan Owner Don Forman showed up.

Forman gifted Daniel with a $10,000 scholarship for college, and then he led Kylie outside for her surprise. Kylie was frozen when she saw a shiny new car waiting for her.

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