Teenage boy builds tiny house by himself for less than $2k

This tiny house builder is an inspiration to anyone interested in tiny homes. At only thirteen years old, Luke Thill started working on his first tiny home project.

The exterior of his home is adorable and includes minor landscaping that he does himself. His deck (which he also built himself) is made of reclaimed wood that he got for free. The back of his house is made of fully reclaimed vinyl siding from Luke’s grandma’s house.

Many of the doors and windows on the home are reclaimed for free or at a low price to keep overall project costs down. The windows also allow tons of natural light into the interior, which has plenty of room to move around despite being so small.

Luke explains he sealed and painted the floor because there is no heat or air conditioning in his tiny house, and the paint improves the overall look. There is also no plumbing available, so he keeps bottles of water around the house.

The kitchen has a small countertop, storage, and a medicine cabinet for Luke to store his glassware. He used sticky floor tiles to create a kitchen backsplash that really pulls the space together beautifully.

Luke’s style is evident all the way through the house. He incorporates a beautiful glass door into his design and framed photos of South Carolina that he took himself to hang on the walls.

He even dedicated space in the tiny home for media. Multiple lighting options, outlets, and a small television can keep him entertained for hours if he wants to hang out and relax.

This is one of the most inspiring tiny home tours from a young builder with a bright future ahead of him. His early use of space, design, and functionality are great indicators for his future plans!

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