This Teenager Really Wanted A Horse But She Couldn’t Get One, So She Trained A Cow Instead!

Regina Mayer from Laufen, Germany loves horses and has always wanted one of her own. The 15-year-old was raised on a farm and ever since she was young she is wanted to own her own horse. But farmers can’t generally indulge all of their daughter’s wishes, and because of the incredible expense, unfortunately Regina couldn’t have a horse.

Willing to look on the bright side Regina came up with a new option. She decided to train a cow to be a horse. I must say that is incredibly inventive. You are barely going to be able to believe your eyes when you see what this cow can do.

Regina carefully selected a car with the correct temperament, named Luna. Over time Regina established regular human interaction by taking the cow on several walks through the woods. Luna even got accustomed to riding equipment. Slowly but surely Regina taught Luna to ride like a horse.

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