Drumming Teens Impressively Strike Their Way Through Talent Show

Most of us have attended a talent show at some point in our lives. Some of us have even competed, feeling the ominous sense of nervousness and fear as we go out to perform in front of everyone we know. In all of those talent shows, there is always at least one performance that stands out far above all of the rest.

This video is one of those performances. It starts out with one teen on stage. He is quickly joined by three of his friends. They all seem a little clumsy and silly, so most aren’t expecting too much. As they each grab their own set of sticks, they begin an incredibly rhythmic and flawless drumline routine.


These guys must have spent countless days and hours perfecting this act because the final result is absolutely mesmerizing. I can only imagine what it must have been like to be in that audience.

There are only a handful of performances that most of us witness throughout our lives that completely blow us away, and I’m sure that this was one of them for the people in that audience. You just need to watch this to see for yourself what I mean by this being an incredible and mesmerizing performance.

Drumming Teens Impressively Strike Their Way Through Talent Show