Teens grab a crying woman at a drive-thru, wait until you see why!

“Take care of your employees and they’ll take care of your company.” This is a saying that came from none other than Richard Branson. This saying and many autobiographies that have been done on him, reflect the way he does business. This is the reason that many people around the world aspire to go and work for him one day.

His companies are among the most successful in their areas of business, and he is a very accomplished man. He is a billionaire that has lived his life by his own rules and has changed a lot of stereotypes in the process. The idea that taking care of your employees is better than focusing on your customers, was something unheard of before he actually said it.

I mean, that is the entire reason that businesses set up, right? It’s all about customers. That’s what I have always thought was the way to do business. Unfortunately, this focus makes many employers lose a few human qualities along the process. By doing this, some employers engage in tactics such as making their employees work overtime without paying them those hours.

Other practices involve just lowering salaries. This is a way for those employers to ‘make’ them need to work overtime. Many of these employees end up working those extra hours and before they know it, they are rarely at home early. Believe me, I’ve been there. Some supermarkets have been featured on TV documentaries because of these types of practices.

There have been, however, many companies who have focused on getting their employees more motivated. They do this with training courses and integration workshops that have the goal of getting their employees to act more as a unit, to encourage a ‘team’ mentality on them. Other businesses believe that the best way of getting their employees more committed to the company is just by treating them like family.

One such business is Dutch Bros. They are a company that serves coffees and many other drinks through their drive-thru. They have many branches and the following video features one of those branches. One day, a woman goes to get her usual coffee, but when an employee notices her pulling over, he sees that she looks very distraught. When he asks her about it, it turns out that her husband has just passed away. What this worker and some of his friends there does will melt your heart!