She Tells Her Dog, “I Love You”. How He Responds? I Wasn’t Prepared For THIS!

Dogs are awesome and this is something we all know. Loyal and friendly, their presence makes our life better in so many ways. This video will show you just how cute and adorable dogs can be sometimes. You will simply love this video.

This video shows an owner talking to her dog, who is a French Bulldog puppy. He’s so cute in his little sweater she put on him. At first, he’s just making adorable puppy noises and she’s kissing him on the nose, which he seems to enjoy a great deal. If this was my puppy, I’d probably give him lots of kisses too, because he is really adorable.

When the owner eventually says, “I love you,” to her adorable dog, the dog has the most incredible response ever. I seriously had never seen any dog response in this amazing way. He actually says those words back to her, and she is as surprised as anyone! It really does sound like he’s saying “I love you!”

The guy filming the clip is just as surprised, and they decide to try it again. The dog’s owner says it again and is rewarded with the same response! Well, this video shows it’s not only parrots that can repeat words but even dogs can do so. The way this wise little puppy tells those words is simply magical.

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