“Tennessee Waltz” in barbershop harmony style

Barbershop Quartet and 2013 International Quartet Champions, Masterpiece, are experts in their classical style of vocal performing. The Los Angeles-based four-piece is known far and wide in the respected Barbershop Harmony Society.

Before becoming the 2013 International Quartet Champions, Masterpiece had won various awards, and it’s no surprise why. These skilled vocal performers are masters of their craft, and it truly shines during their rendition of the “Tennessee Waltz.”

The classic 1950s Patti Page country song fits perfectly within the Masterpiece range of melody and vocal expertise. Telling the story of a narrator introducing their sweetheart to a friend who waltzes them away.

The classic country song is an emotional affair. And the four talented members of Masterpiece wrangled in the famous track’s themes and created a rendition that is both heartbreaking and mesmerizing as each member comes together perfectly.

With the emotional performance at the Barbershop Harmony Society’s International Convention and Competition, it was no surprise the talented men from Los Angeles would go on to win, bringing home the gold.

Within the presence of immense applause, Masterpiece would hold together their emotions from performing such a touching and saddening song with the group’s Baritone, Alan Gordon, flashing a series of smiles into the crowd.

Masterpiece’s excellent stage performance sets them above the rest. Their emotional cover of the “Tennesee Waltz” is memorable and certainly one of a kind. A fantastic version that does the original justice.

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