This Terrified Horse Was Only 700 Pounds When They Found Her, But That Was Just The Start…

Dr. Matt and his staff at Vet Ranch are quite the experts when it comes to rescuing animals in need, but their patients are usually tiny and furry pets, like cats and dogs. But their most recent one is more of the equine variety, and he’s just a little bigger than Vet Ranch’s regular rescues. It’s the very first horse that has been rescued and taken into the ranch, and her case is unbelievable!

Flower was brought into the ranch after she was found severely malnourished and abandoned. She had been neglected for too long, and the scars from it were very evident. The horse weighed just 700 pounds when she was taken in, and though that sounds like a big number, is way too little for a horse. Even after she got back to 1,000 pounds, she was still considered overweight.

Flower had very bad teeth as a result of her neglect, and they had to fix them up for her so that she was able to chew on her own food. They had to do all sorts of special care and treatment to help her, but eventually she pulled through. Vet Ranch is able to do all of this amazing work thanks to donations, so if you’d like to help, be sure to visit their website!

Watch Flower’s amazing rescue and recovery in the video right below.

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