That Nellie Oleson is such a meanie

‘Little House on the Prairie’ had many beloved characters. However, Nellie was typically the mean one. This montage features 12 of Nellie’s lowlights on the show.

When Laura and Mary first go to school, Nellie walks up to them, gives them a dirty look, says, ‘Country girls’ in disgust, and walks away. In another instance, Nellie watches as Laura and Mary can’t afford a pencil. She comments, ‘I don’t think the country girls have a penny.’

When the girls are playing together, Laura starts singing, which interrupts the game. Nellie pushes her repeatedly. Finally, Laura snaps and almost gets in a fight with Nellie.

Nellie’s mean streak continues when she walks next to Laura and two boys and says, ‘I heard the good news. That your mother’s first husband is out of jail now.’ The brother says, ‘Alright, what’s the joke?’

Nellie replies, ‘It’s not a joke. His name is Harold, and he was married to your mother.’ Then, the kids say they will tell Pa what Nellie said. Nellie says, ‘Go on, tell him! I’m sure he’ll be surprised.’

During another lowlight, Nellie rides up on her horse, and Laura goes to pet her. Nellie says, ‘Stay off my horse,’ and whips the horse multiple times. Laura says, ‘Don’t do that!’ Nellie tells her it’s her horse, and she can do whatever she wants with it. Mary says, ‘You won’t get anywhere being mean to her.’

Nellie responds, ‘I know how to handle a horse,’ and whips it again. Then, the horse speeds off, and Nellie screams while barely holding on. These are just a few examples of Nellie’s lousy behavior on ‘Little House on the Prairie.’

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