It’s 1964. Dick Clark Sets the Stage and All the Kids on ‘American Bandstand’ Are Dancing to the Dovells’ “Bristol Stomp”

Dick Clark 1964

Dick Clark 1964It’s January 1964 in Philadelphia and to celebrate the new year, the kids dance to the hits of 1963. While “You Can’t Sit Down” was a huge hit, reaching #3, it wasn’t the “biggest song the Dovells recorded ever” as Dick Clark said.

That would’ve been “The Bristol Stomp”, reaching #2 in 1961. Lead singer Len Barry left the Dovells in 1963 and recorded the hit “1-2-3” in 1965.

Dick Clark American Bandstand 1964

How I wish they had VCRs during those years to this! I watched every day from 1957 to 1961 when I graduated. I loved the dancing and the music.

Many of us still remember Dick Clark and his ever-popular American Bandstand. The show’s longevity is impressive as it aired from 1952 to 1989. Watching the dance party was the thing to do every Saturday. Teenagers across North America tuned into the show to hear the music, meet the bands and learn the most up to date dance moves.

We really can’t take American Bandstand for granted especially when you realize that out of 3,000 episodes of this very long-running beloved and popular dance/music program, only 883 episodes remain today. Many film reels from the shows from 1961-1962 were destroyed in a fire.

This video is from 1964, featuring the music of The Dovells. You may not remember the band’s name, but their million dollar hit is unforgettable to the baby boomers.

In this segment of American Bandstand, listen to the Dovells’ first song “You Can’t Sit Down.” It too was a very popular boogie-woogie tune in the sixties.

I like the interaction of Dick and Charlie. Back in the day announcers really served a real purpose, not just introduce the host and you don’t hear them after. Wonder why Charlie left the show? We know he went on to big things.

Dick Clark had his finger on the pulse of what kids were thinking. As an adult he could “think young” and see what was interesting and ascertain what the future would bring in the next few months.

So now take a walk down memory lane by singing along with the band with their simple song lyrics that will really get you moving.

Watch The Dovells Perform Briston Stomp

What a well-recorded video for 1962. I wish more quality videos like this existed. They must be doing the gig at a country club with everyone dressed up. These guy are amazingly polished. Wish I was there!

It\'s 1964. Dick Clark Sets the Stage and All the Kids on \'American Bandstand\' Are Dancing to the Dovells\' \