The final “Mr. Tudball sketch” from The Carol Burnett Show finale

Tim Conway and Carol Burnett

The Carol Burnett Show always brought the laughs, especially with the series of sketches featuring Mr. Tudball and Mrs. Wiggins. Tim Conway and Carol Burnett play this wacky duo and always get the crowd laughing.

Tim Conway

In the show’s series finale, Conway and Burnett assume the personas of a frustrated lawyer and his kooky secretary. They are packing up to move the firm to another location.

As usual, Mrs. Wiggins is no help at all. Mr. Tudball wonders why he hired her in the first place. We are taken back to Mrs. Wiggins’ first day of work.

Tim Conway and Carol Burnett

Mr. Tudball is sitting in his office interviewing potential new secretaries. His wife tut-tuts hilariously in the corner, vetoing every attractive young woman Mr. Tudball would like to hire for the position.

Then Mrs. Wiggins walks in. Loudly chewing her gum, she hands Mr. Tudball her resume which is a wadded up piece of paper with only her name written on it.

Tim Conway and Carol Burnett

She doesn’t have any typing experience or secretarial skills to speak of. Mrs. Tudball decides for her husband that Mrs. Wiggins is the one to hire and struts out of the room, chuckling.

Thus begins Mrs. Wiggins’ reign of knucklehead stunts. From sharpening the wrong pencil to cleaning Mr. Tudball’s suit with coffee, Mrs. Wiggins becomes the bane of his existence from day one.

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