The funniest ‘M*A*S*H’ moments that will crack you up

The great comedy from ‘MASH’ made everyone laugh. There are so many classic moments from this TV series. This montage is filled with quick-hitting jokes like when Frank yells, ‘Who put water in my gun?!’ And Hawkeye replies, ‘How do you know it’s water?’

The comedy continues when Hawkeye and Pierce play cards in the tent dressed in full gorilla costumes. Frank demands to know where they got their costumes, but Hawkeye says, ‘These aren’t costumes. We stopped shaving last month!’

Hot Lips pulls a cover off what she thinks is a sleeping Pierce, yelling, ‘Pierce, get up, you tent napper!’ She pulls back the cover and finds a skeleton, shrieking in fear! The guys all laugh at the hysterical prank.

There’s the classic scene when Colonel Potter trades all of Corporal Klinger’s women’s clothes for an actual building. Klinger isn’t happy about it, but the Colonel doesn’t care, and he laughs as the girls run off with Klinger’s precious items.

In another scene, Colonel Potter scares everyone by coughing over his toothpaste. He recounts to Hawkeye that he started brushing his teeth, and then he started blowing bubbles. They realize someone put shaving cream in his toothpaste. Colonel Potter says he’s just been initiated into the ‘Gotcha Club.’

Another funny clip involves Hot Lips confronting Hunnicut about her robe. It turns out he cut out the butt part of her robe, and she didn’t realize it until she was halfway to the showers. Hunnicut says, ‘Gee Margaret, it looks like you could use a bun warmer!’

The final clip shows Hawkeye trying to sleep while staying on guard, so he’s not pranked. He surrounds himself in a barbed wire enclosure while he clutches a golf club! These clips bring back some great memories from ‘MASH.’

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The funniest ‘M*A*S*H’ moments that will crack you up