The genius ending of Columbo’s ‘Any Old Port in a Storm’


Columbo is on the case again in an episode titled, ‘Any Old Port in a Storm.’ This episode features Donald Pleasence as the killer Adrian, who murdered his brother Ric to keep him from selling his beloved winery.


Adrian knocks Ric out with a heavy object and drags him to the wine vault. He turns off the air conditioning unit to seal Ric’s fate. Eventually, he dumps Ric’s body into the ocean, but he doesn’t realize that Columbo is not going to rest until the crime is solved!

Columbo refuses to believe Ric died in a diving accident and visits his brother Adrian. They talk about wine and the air conditioner in the cellar, which keeps the wine from spoiling. Columbo steals a bottle of 1945 port from the cellar, which he later serves to Adrian as a test.


At the end of the episode, when Columbo catches up to Adrian to arrest him, he explains that he stole some wine that day in the cellar. Columbo served it to Adrian, who quickly identified that it was overheated.

Columbo explains that this is how he knew the wine cellar air conditioner had been turned off. Adrian’s own wine expertise caused him to be caught red-handed for killing his brother Ric.

The two men take one last stop at the winery, where Columbo pulls over and offers Adrian a bottle of dessert wine. They share a drink and acknowledge the end has come with mutual respect for each other’s skills.

Columbo has done it again! He solved the crime using his uncanny skills and quick wit. Peter Falk’s fantastic portrayal of the beloved character is always a joy to watch over and over again!

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The genius ending of Columbo\'s \'Any Old Port in a Storm\'