The Headless Brothers Get Ahead With Unbelievable BGT Tap Dancing

Tap dancing is a time-old art that hasn’t seen too much innovation over the years until now that is. Britain’s Got Talent tap dancers The Headless Brothers put on a show that’s utterly addictive, wowing the audience with a routine without heads.

One of the oddest dance routines seen on Britain’s Got Talent, or any other talent show for that matter, is this strange but surreal show from The Headless Brothers. They’ve taken tap and given it a twist, losing their heads in the process.

Who would have ever imagined headless tap dancing? Well, these two sure did, putting on an act that was captivating to watch, but would the judges find it enough?

With umbrellas in hand, these two headless brothers put on a show that had the whole audience hooked from the start, and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next.