‘The Jackson 5’ perform their number 1 song ‘I Want You Back’ on ‘Sullivan’

The Jackson 5

‘The Ed Sullivan Show’ featured ‘The Jackson 5’ in 1969, and they performed their number 1 hit ‘I Want You Back.’ The fantastic group featured lead singer Michael Jackson as a young child.

‘The Jackson 5’ appear on stage together in colorful outfits with a funky red and yellow background. Two of them are holding a guitar and bass, and the other three are dancing in front of microphones.

The song begins with the classic funky guitar strumming. The singers spin slowly around and proceed into fancy coordinated dance steps. Michael makes his way to the microphone, wearing a large purple hat.

The Jackson 5

The dancing and coordination between the brothers is impressive, especially Tito on guitar and Jermaine on bass. They never miss a single move while performing. Michael’s smile is as big as his voice!

The brothers chime in on a few vocal lines, but it is mainly Michael carrying the tune. He performs with the stage presence of someone twice his age. It is impressive to see how good he was at such a young age.

The Jackson 5

The Jackson 5 was founded in 1964 in Gary, Indiana, by Joe Jackson, the boys’ father. The group signed with Motown Records in 1968 and became the first group to debut four consecutive number one hits.

Their first four hits were ‘I Want You Back,’ ‘ABC,’ ‘The Love You Save,’ and ‘I’ll Be There.’ They continued scoring hits into the ’80s with ‘Enjoy Yourself,’ ‘Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground),’ and ‘Can You Feel It.’ The group was one of American music’s most successful R&B acts, and Michael Jackson became the ‘King of Pop’ through the 80s and 90s.

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