The love between a Golden Retriever and her bunnies

Who would believe that golden retrievers and rabbits can become true friends. No, even more, they became a family.

Who would have thought that 22-day-old little rabbits could find a new family for themselves in the Bailey Golden Retriever? The kindness of animals has no boundaries

What could be cuter than watching a golden retriever groom little 22-day-old rabbits? That’s right, just watching how the rabbits sleep cutely on the dog!

Isn’t it wonderful to watch little rabbits go to bed on top of a beautiful golden retriever? Bailey Golden Retriever has become a new family for these rabbits.

Seeing the baby rabbits go to bed on a lovely golden fluffy retriever is not cute? For these baby rabbits, Bailey Golden Retriever became a new family.

After the 22-day-old little rabbits were rescued from the hands of the flayers, they found a wonderful home for themselves and a wonderful friend of the golden retriever named Bailey.

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The love between a Golden Retriever and her bunnies