The Milkman Is Back: The Return of An American Tradition

The coronavirus pandemic has turned many lives upside down, but in the state of New Jersey, one select delivery service is milking the opportunity arising from everyone remaining home. Milk delivery services are booming. Yes. That’s right. Milkmen are making a comeback.

Finally, the grandfathers and great grandfathers out there who once proudly delivered milk can look forward to their offspring returning to the family trade. Well, maybe not yet, but there’s many a milkman who is turning a tidy profit during the crisis. Sure, it’s not the same as glass bottle drop-and-collect milk delivery of the 1930s, but it sure is handy.

Across New Jersey, people are rediscovering the convenience provided by a local milkman. The traditional American delivery service was once vital but is remerging as a near-necessity as the nation, and the world comes together to slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. With demand growing, we welcome the return of the milkman.