Best of ‘The Oldest Man’ Tim Conway’s Laughs Galore on The Carol Burnett Show

If you’re one of us who spent our evenings laughing out loud with The Carol Burnett Show, we’ve got a nostalgic treat for you. Remember Tim Conway and his evergreen “The Oldest Man” sketches? Indeed, those were unforgettable days, weren’t they?

We laughed till our bellies hurt, and Harvey Korman, his comedic partner in crime, often couldn’t hold back his laughter. We’re undoubtedly reminiscing about the golden age of television here. Tim Conway, our cherished comedic genius, could transform any ordinary situation into a hysterical spectacle. Take, for example, “The Oldest Man in Canoga Falls.”

The sight of Tim, as the senior man, tumbling down the stairs slowly with Harvey and Carol barely keeping their laughter under wraps was absolutely priceless! Subsequently, the punchline, “It’s the fastest I came down,” set us all roaring with laughter.

Following this, “The Oldest Safecracker” sketch had Harvey Korman and Lyle Waggoner playing burglars waiting for the safecracker, portrayed by Tim himself. The hilarious sight of him lowering himself slowly from the window and covering his face with a sock to hide his identity has the audience in stitches.

Meanwhile, our sides are still sore from “The Oldest Fireman” skit. Do you recall how Tim, as a senior fireman, attempted to administer artificial respiration while reading from the manual? When Harvey requested Tim for a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, the result was pure comedic gold. Tim’s playfully romantic response had Harvey and the audience in fits of laughter.

On the other hand, “The Oldest Conductor” skit is not to be forgotten. Tim set Harvey and the audience rolling with laughter as the slowest music conductor. Similarly, “The Oldest Pit Crew” sketch saw Tim’s clumsy antics – spilling oil on Harvey’s trousers and causing him to lose the race – bring the house down.

Another unforgettable sketch is “The Oldest Doctor,” with Harvey as the patient and Tim as the super-slow doctor in a monkey mask. The twist at the end, when another senior doctor shows up, was a classic comedic surprise.

Finally, the icing on the cake was the memorable “The Oldest Salesman,” featuring Tim Conway and Carol Burnett. Tim’s comical way of determining her shoe size and fitting her with the perfect slippers was simply comedy at its finest.

Undoubtedly, those were the golden days of comedy. We watched, laughed, and cherished those moments with Tim Conway, Carol Burnett, and Harvey Korman. The laughter, joy, and memories are forever imprinted in our hearts, reminding us of a time when humor was pure, simple, and absolutely delightful. These timeless moments remind us why we hold ‘The Carol Burnett Show’ so dear to our hearts.

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Best of \'The Oldest Man\' Tim Conway\'s Laughs Galore on The Carol Burnett Show