The Sound of Silence by vocal legend Adam Chance of Home Free

‘The Hound and The Fox’ have put together a haunting rendition of ‘The Sound of Silence.’ They are joined on the song by Adam Chance, and the trio delivers beautiful harmonies on the classic ‘Simon & Garfunkel’ tune.

‘The Sound of Silence’ was written by Paul Simon for the group ‘Simon & Garfunkel.’ It was released in 1964. However, it was a commercial failure. The group broke up over it, but in 1965 the song gained airplay with a remixed version, and in 1966 it hit number 1. The group quickly reformed to record their second album, attaining legendary status.

The new rendition from this trio is performed as they take shelter from the forest in a large circular storm drain. The two men play their acoustic guitars, and the woman plays tambourine. Their facial expressions give more emotion to the poignant song.

‘The Hound and The Fox’ are a husband and wife duo composed of Reilly and McKenzie. Reilly works on the recording, mixing, and editing, while McKenzie handles the songwriting and management.

The group also goes by ‘H+F.’ They have worked with ‘Pentatonix’ and ‘Peter Hollens.’ Their fans and patrons are a huge part of their internet success story that continues to grow.

The group joined forces with Adam Chance, the baritone voice in the vocal band ‘Home Free.’ The all-vocal country band found fame after being a part of ‘The Sing-Off’ television series.

This new trio of talented musicians has performed the timeless hit with perfection. Their vocal blend and stripped-down arrangement suit the song’s original vibe. It is a wonderful rendition of a touching song.

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The Sound of Silence by vocal legend Adam Chance of  Home Free