‘The Sound of Silence’ On An 18-String Harp Guitar Is Sheer Beauty Beyond Words

'The Sound of Silence' by Jamie Dupuis

'The Sound of Silence' by Jamie DupuisJamie Dupuis is a classical artist who plays an eighteen string harp guitar with hauntingly beautiful precision, emotion and flow. His cover of ‘The Sound of Silence’ showcases not only the lyrical genius and emotion of this timeless song but also Jamie’s keen skills on an instrument that is seldom seen.

One wouldn’t expect one song to be able to transport you through so many different rewarding aspects of music appreciation. From its power to its hauntingly beautiful melody singing out from this massive guitar, you’ll be hanging onto each note as Jamie plays out his calming recreation of this iconic track.

This Canadian guitarist and composer is a master of this more obscure alternative to a standard six-string. While harp guitars are scarce, Jamie isn’t the first to capitalize on this unique acoustic sound. New Age guitarist William Eaton is fond of harp guitars, while the late singer-songwriter Michael Hedges had pioneering harp guitar hits like ‘Aerial Boundaries’.

For those who are interested, Jamie is playing the S-18NST Tonedevil 18-string harp guitar. His Tonedevil was requested with all nylon super treble strings – a customization over their standard fair. This is the second 18-string Tonedevil that this artist has turned to. He already hit massive success with ‘Comfortably Numb’ on a Tonedevil S12.

You’ll find Jamie Dupuis’ rendition of the Simon and Garfunkel hit ‘The Sound of Silence’ to be supremely soothing. His harp guitar sounds will unwind any individual with heavenly tones & harmony that only this innovative artist can conjure. HIs eighteen-string guitar skills are a perfect match to the depth of this moving song.

\'The Sound of Silence\' On An 18-String Harp Guitar Is Sheer Beauty Beyond Words