Lost Tim Conway Sketches With Harvey Korman – Together Again in Hilarious Ways You’ve Never Seen!

This hilarious series of clips from “The Tim Conway Show” have rarely been seen before. Yes, I said The Tim Conway SHOW. Remember it? Few people do, but thanks to the Internet, we have part of it back again. Predictably, it’s absolutely hilarious!

After the long-running Carol Burnett Show came to an end in the late 1970s, Tim Conway’s talents were in high-demand. In the early 1980s he created his own comedy show that followed a similar format.

In this hysterical intro, Tim and Harvey come out together to introduce the show. Tim interrupts their chat to explain to the audience that the series will be “close captioned for dogs.” We won’t spoil the fun but you won’t believe what sidesplitting antics these two clowns get into next.

Next, in the first sketch of the evening, Harvey plays a famous fictional comedian on an airline flight who gets recognized by the passengers. They insist that he entertain them. Harvey’s character can’t resist the urge to ham it up, especially with a captive audience.

Soon the plane starts to crash and the oxygen masks drop, making the passengers delirious. Harvey seizes the moment to crack lame jokes that make them laugh even harder. In this sketch, Harvey Korman kills—literally!

In the next sketch, Tim plays a Swedish character similar to his old “Mr. Tudball” from the Carol Burnett Show. Here, he makes the mistake of going for lunch in a restaurant with singing waitresses and isn’t remotely amused. He tries to order a quick meal, but the dingy waitress insists that he also select a song for her to sing. It goes disastrously downhill from there. You’ll be rolling in the floor laughing.

Are you ready to join Tim, Harvey and the cast regulars including Maggie Roswell, Eric Boardman, Miriam Flynn, Dick Orkin and Jack Riley? Harvey regularly made guest appearances as did Vicki Lawrence and Carol Burnett, eager to help their old friend’s new show succeed.

Lost Tim Conway Sketches With Harvey Korman – Together Again in Hilarious Ways You\'ve Never Seen!