The Top 20 Greatest Drum Intros of All Time

Say, do you hear the distant drums? Well, they are not so distant any more. They are as close and hard as your amp can go, year earphones can take or your speakers can handle. Brought to your earDRUMS, courtesy of its compiler, musician Rick Beato and friend, drum pro, Jack Jones, the 20 biggest ever drum intros to songs ever produced. To give the drum intro a bit of a context Rick accompanies it with guitar, bass guitar or keyboard. If you wonder where that familiar-sounding intro to this description is coming from, it is some of the final lyrics of Les Miserables.

The fun thing about with great video is that Rick gives you some info, like the producers and release date of the song before they start the actual drum intro (so no spoilers). The name of the group and song name then only appears on the screen while they are playing. So, just do not look at the screen when they start playing and you have yourself a great quiz to identify the song title. So if you are quite the drummer yourself or think you are a popular song expert, this will be fun.

og1 The Top 20 Greatest Drum Intros of All Time

As Rick mentions, compiling an intro for a song with another instrument like guitar (or piano for that sake), is much easier than with drums. Obviously, other instruments have just so much more possibilities of combinations to put notes together to make in unique sounding. So to put together a memorable song intro on the drums is a huge accomplishment.

Somehow, when you have a great drum intro to a song, the songs tend to climb very easily to the top of the charts, according to Rick. This makes quite a lot of sense. Who does not love that great beat you can pick up from the word go! Big drum roll and here we go!

The Top 20 Greatest Drum Intros of All Time