19-Year-Old Crooner Charms Judges, Then Unleashes A Voice They Never Saw Coming

Carter Lloyd HorneGeorgia Teen’s Blind Audition Wows Blake Shelton on ‘The Voice’

Nineteen-year-old Georgia native, Carter Lloyd Horne, auditioned for NBC’s The Voice and was a offered something a bit different.  He was an already well-known singer around Marietta, but now he’s known around the world.  How did he make it onto The Voice stage?

Even though Carter was born into a wealthy family with old money, when he was only fourteen, the family lost everything due to poor financial management of the estate and the economic crisis in 2008.  His life changed dramatically; he went from living in a huge home to a motel.  Music became a way of escape for him.

After graduating, Carter wasn’t quite sure what he wanted to do next. In an interview, he explained: “I knew that I really liked music, but I didn’t realize that it could actually be a career for me at that point…I was a little bit lost after graduation, but I started playing a few gigs at local restaurants near the Marietta Square and things like that. I started to kind of realize that this is what I want to do.”

Pursuing that goal, Carter decided to audition for The Voice at an open call in Atlanta.  To his surprise, he kept getting called back in until he was finally asked to audition for the show in the blind auditions round.

For his blind audition, the young singer chose the song “Drinkin’ Problem” by Midland.  Right away, the coaches could tell there was something unique about Carter.  He had a different quality to his voice than most country singers today.  The crowd soon started clapping along as the coaches debated among themselves about turning their chairs, and his parents nervously watched backstage.

Almost at the very end of his song, no one had turned their chairs still.  It seemed like maybe Carter’s dream would have to go elsewhere, but just as he held out his last note, both Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton hit their buzzers for the laid-back country singer.  That was a close one!

Kelly was clearly impressed.  She told him, “The most interesting thing about you is it sounded like you literally were like 50.  You have this solid, old school sound…You really do stand out. We haven’t heard anyone like you, especially your age.”

Blake Shelton noted:  “Knowing that you’re 19 years old, this is scary as heck, man, coming out here.” He also admiringly noted, “You know what you’re doing.” Blake added, “It was undeniable.”

It was no surprise that Carter chose to be on Team Blake.  Now he moves on to the Battle Rounds.  Will Carter’s dreams continue on The Voice stage?

19-Year-Old Crooner Charms Judges, Then Unleashes A Voice They Never Saw Coming