The world’s greatest dancers in an old-school dance mash-up

It is exciting to witness a perfectly executed dance routine. The style, grace, and effort put into delivering choreographed dancing is a true art form. This mash-up video features some of the most outstanding dance performances of all time.

Tony Coates presents a collection of fantastic dance moves from classic movie star dancers. The entire production is fittingly set to the song, ‘Step Back in Time’ by Kylie Minogue.

No clip lasts longer than ten seconds as Tony cycles through many iconic dancers. From Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers to Cab Calloway, this mash-up has all the best dancers in history.

The moves are even coordinated to Kylie Minogue’s song, which is impressive considering the dancers initially performed to completely different music. It is so fun to watch, and it brings back so many memories.

There’s even a clip of Charlie Chaplin making some moves. From black and white footage to colorized classic clips, all the videos are from iconic dance moments in film history.

There’s Gene Kelly from ‘Singin’ in the Rain.’ The 1952 musical comedy was only a slight hit when it was released. It has since become regarded as one of the greatest musical films ever made.

If you ever wanted to see the most outstanding performers in one fantastic group together, this is your chance. It is a dream come true for old-school movie and dance fans alike!

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The world\'s greatest dancers in an old-school dance mash-up