These Kitties Playing With Their Fort Takes The Prize For Cutest Video! OMG

Whoever had the idea of putting a bunch of adorable kittens in a cardboard fort was a genius, absolute genius. The kitties look so cute playing around and exploring all the different pathways that I couldn’t help but say “Awwww” the entire time. Watch this video and put a smile to your face!

Those guys are phenomenal! You have to hand it to the mother for making such fine babies. The shot were the mother cat looks straight into the camera like “What are my kittens up to in this fort?!?” is absolutely priceless!! I was on the floor laughing haha.

If you have kittens as well, please build a cardboard fort and film it as well! Seeing kitties jumping in and out of holes, in different positions, hanging on from ledges, and others falling down is the best! So share this video with your friends and let’s start filming!

Oh my gosh! This is too cute ! You have to share this with your friends on Facebook right now because it will brighten their day and put a great big SMILE on their faces!