These Two Sisters Singing “In The Arms of An Angel” Is Bringing Everyone To Tears

Some songs stand the test of time, and Sarah McLachlan’s hit, “In the Arms of an Angel” is one example. Two sisters decided to cover the song, and it will have you feeling every emotion in the book.

The tune was originally released in 1999 and quickly soared to the top of the music charts. All of these years later, people still can’t get enough of it. A variety of famous bands and artists and put their spin on the moving song.

Lucy and Martha Thomas are not only sisters but bandmates as well. If you recognize Lucy, she was one of the semi-finalists on The Voice Kids. The now 16-year-old belts out one of the greatest tear-jerking songs of all time.

The two talents bring new life to the power ballad we all know and love. It gives us a moment to reflect on our loved ones. The comfort we get knowing they’re safe and sound is projected perfectly in these heart-wrenching lyrics.

These Two Sisters Singing \