They Introduce The New Puppy To The Family Cat. This Interaction Is A MUST SEE!

If you want to inject a bit of pure joy into your home, the best way to do this is clearly to bring a new puppy into your life. Puppies have such a simplistic view of the world and are more than capable of finding pure, unbridled happiness in the most unlikely of places.

Case in point: the little puppy in this video absolutely LOVES hugs and doesn’t care where they come from! Watch as this puppy goes out of his way to give the most adorable and awkward hug possible to his housemate! The only catch is that the housemate in question just happens to be a kitten!

That’s right! Whoever said that dogs and cats had to be mortal enemies has clearly never met this delightful little fellow! Or in any case, nobody told the puppy that he is supposed to hate his cat housemate at all costs!

And yet clearly, all this puppy really wants to do is put a little good, old-fashioned love out into the world. This is one video that you’re definitely going to find yourself watching over and over again!

A word of warning, however: if you don’t already own a puppy, this video will absolutely make you want to run out and buy one by the end of it! The cuteness overload on display here is definitely going to be a bit too much for some folks to handle, so proceed with caution!

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