Thief Dog Gets Caught On The Spot! When You See What He Took, You’ll Be Laughing Hysterically!

Even though there are many researches and studies that prove dogs don’t feel guilty when they’ve done something wrong, many dog lovers and owners all around the world would tell you the opposite. The look that they make when they get caught? The way they lower their heads and hide in shame? They’re unmistakable. Even if they are learned tricks that they copied from other humans, you can’t deny it’s a clear sign of emotional response. The pup in the video below will disprove those studies in just a few seconds!

This clip is hilarious in a very unexpected way. What happened was, while the owner was not looking, some delicious potato snacks disappeared without any trace. She doesn’t think twice, and goes directly to Chase, her dog friend, to question him about what he has in his mouth. He might not look like his chewing, but you can tell he’s hiding something in his mouth. After he realizes his mischief was detected, he quickly gives up all of the tater tots… How could he hold so many!

Disclaimer: The dog’s owner clarified that the tater tots were organic and non-salted, for the safety of the pets.

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