Things You Remember From Your High School Days

US schools looked very different during the 1950s than they do today. If your parents told you something about their high school days, you might find them old-fashioned. This would be due to the drastic change in mindset, teaching, and dressing styles. Nowadays, chalkboards have turned into smartboards, and notebooks have been replaced by laptops. One of the snippets about high school during the early decades had recently garnered many online followers.

The entire snippet showcased the high school days, the student’s attire, lifestyles, and classrooms from the 1950s until now. The snippet began with some students in the 1950s. It showed the prefects monitoring the students’ school uniforms while entering the class. This showed that dressing appropriately was something taken seriously. During the 50s, school days were longer.

The boys were dressed in smart formals while the girls wore huge skirts, mostly knee-length. These were inspired by Victorian gowns with a silky blouse or a t-shirt and cardigans. The neckline of the shirt was usually covered. Both girls and boys wore covered shoes, making them look disciplined. The students looked happier and more comfortable with each other, and life was more straightforward.

The 1960s was the time when an integrated classroom came into existence. Black Americans started to study in high schools with other students. Speed reading, segregation, and creative teaching were encouraged. High School dressing styles for women included miniskirts and go-go boots. Several fashion experiments were done by female students of that era. Whereas boys usually wore cotton men’s shirts, button-down shirts, and trousers. Prom nights became the major attraction of high school during that era.

The 1970s had more open classrooms and became more democratic. The decade saw high school females wearing flares and bell sleeves, whereas miniskirts were still in trend. In addition, the dressing style became much more relaxed. Bell bottoms, cowl-neck sweaters, and boogie shoes were a style statement for both men and women.

Teenagers in the 80s were introduced to computers. High school girls loved to wear sleeveless tops with shorts or were found wearing jeans with a t-shirt. Sneakers became a trend in that decade. Classrooms were more advanced than earlier. Every teenager was fond of preparing for the prom and sleepovers with friends.

Recently, high school classrooms have become technically way more advanced than the previous decades. The classroom boards were replaced with smart boards and laptops. Hoodies and jackets with comfortable T-shirts were worn by high schools. Smartphones obviously were the latest craze for this generation.

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Things You Remember From Your High School Days