This Cute Rescued Baby Two-Toed Sloth Is The Smallest Ever Cared For

Tiny the Two-Toed Sloth was incredibly small when the call came to animal rescue specialist Ellie Harrison that there was a baby sloth in need of rescue. When she brought Tiny into the clinic, Ellie noticed that he was the smallest she’s ever seen. With constant care and feeding, Tiny is getting a second chance.

Tiny is a Two-Toed Sloth born in the jungles of Costa Rica. Something happened to his mother shortly after birth and he was found abandoned and in need of rescue. Enter animal wildlife expert Ellie Harrison, who took Tiny to her clinic to check him out and care for him.

Tiny was the smallest baby sloth Ellie has ever cared for, and it was vital that they get liquids into him. Ellie would feed him leaning back to mimic the posture of a mother sloth and using a huge amount of patience and a very small bottle of milk, she eventually got him to eat.