This Father Lion Isn’t In The Mood For Games, It’s Time For A Lesson

Every child needs to learn crucial life lessons from their elders, and the same goes for all species. You’ll be shocked by the way that this daddy lion reacts after being annoyed, but his cubs need the lesson.

While the lesson taught to this lion cub annoying his dad may look harsh, one need not worry, for they’re actually really gentle. The fright is real, but the “attack” is but a gesture of play. It’s still a scene that’ll make you gasp at first.

The footage you’re looking at covers Zoo d’Amnéville. Lion king Booba and lioness queen Malindi are raising three cubs – Bongo, Komga & Gandor.

Boundaries need to be learned, and both the lessons and the bonds that these animals create now remain intact for years and years.