This teen girl can delay her voice

Have you seen someone talking without moving their lips? Well, this teen girl Gracie is showing her amazing talent by delaying her voice.

Have you ever seen someone talking without moving their lips? This girl who is in her teens learned an amazing skill by delaying her voice.

She posted a TikTok video of her talking without moving her lips and the voice comes after a second. She posted another video and explained how she managed to do it.

Like a ventriloquist, Gracie taught herself a cool trick and make it seems like she is delaying her voice.

Gracie shows people after her first video went viral how she did it. She makes it look so easy and seamless, but in reality, this trick is a little tricky to follow.

This video has crossed 9 million views and people are still going crazy over Gracie’s talent of not moving her lips and delaying her voice, that too without any editing and sound effects!

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