This Tiny Little Kitty Meets Big Dog For The First Time And We’re In “Awww” Mode!

Tootsie, a tiny little kitty, is about to meet Buddy, a big dog, for the first time. Tootsie is the new member of the family and the precious first encounter is being videotaped. Have a look for yourself at this beautiful moment is captured on video!

The cuteness between the two is so great that even the little kid wanted to get in on it! He couldn’t help himself and had to make an appearance in the end. And just as he does, Buddy decides Tootsie is alright after all and rolls over and gives her a nice big rub!

“I love you too Tootsie!” What a great way to end the video on a high note! The commentating is terrific and this video is a must watch. Share it with your friends and let us know what you thought of it below.

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