When three roommates decide to find out what lurks within a smelly thrift store sofa…

Many things have been found in thrift store sofas, not all of them pleasant. But that’s the price of a bargain. This is certainly what roommates Reese, Cally, and Lara figured when they went sofa shopping for their small New York apartment. They found one at the local Salvation Army store that was just the right size. I smelled a little odd, but for $20 they weren’t complaining.

A couple months later, the trio were sitting on their bargain sofa watching a movie when one of them felt something strange in one of the cushions. It turned out to be envelopes full of money! As Lara described it, “The first batch was $4,000 which… We were good. And then Reese was like, ‘We should probably check to see if there’s more.’ And there kept being more and there kept being more. And honestly, I was a little overwhelmed. I wanted to put it back in the couch and, like, re-find it in the morning when I can process it better.” Once they’d fully emptied the sofa, the grand total came to $40,000.

But they also found a bank statement and that’s when they realized the party was over. The right thing to do was to track down the woman named on the statement. Once they did, they found out that she and her late husband had been stashing their savings in the sofa for the previous 30 years. After some back surgery, the woman had taken to sleeping on it. Her daughter, knowing nothing about the hidden treasure, decided to help out by getting her mom a new bed and hauling the old sofa to the thrift store.

The woman whose change in sleeping habits nearly cost her $40,000 was so grateful to get her savings back that she gave the three roommates $1,000 as way to say thank you.

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