When He Throws A Ball At This Cat, No One Expected The Cat To Turn Around And Do THIS!

As you know, animals can do many things that will surprise you. In this short viral video, you’re about to be introduced to Nyasuke, the world’s most impressive Goalkeeper Cat.

Nyasuke is a funny little cat that loves playing with its owner. Like other cats, Nyasuke enjoys chasing after balls and other small objects. But this cat is unique. When its owner throws the ball, the cat jumps and does everything it can to stop the ball from traveling past it just like a goalie.

Watch out Joe Hart, Nyasuke might be the next goalkeeper for the Manchester City Soccer Club.

The owner takes the ball in his hand and gets ready to throw. Check out the cat at the 14-second mark. It crouches down and prepares for anything. When the owner hurtles the ball, the cat stops it immediately.

But things get even more exciting when Nyasuke prepares to block the ball at the 26-second mark. The cat jumps high into the air in order to not let that ball go past it.

But the best block is at the 30-second mark. The cat jumps up and smacks it back down. A slow-motion repeat is shown right afterwards.

The last block is the best. Watch the cat go from relaxing to attack in seconds.

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