Tiger At Dublin Zoo Decides To Wake Up Tigress From Nap. Her Reaction? Predictable Yet Hilarious.

If someone wakes me up from a nap or earlier than I anticipated and it’s not for a good reason, like if the place is on fire or a sick child, I am a grump. I’ll sit there for several seconds gathering my thoughts and contemplating how bad human nature can be. Those who live with me should stay away from me for at least 10 minutes, minimum. That said, at my worst, I have NEVER been like the tiger that we see here in this video.

We see a tiger ambling down a hill at a tiger enclosure at the Dublin Zoo. He’s not in too much of a hurry, but then he comes across a sleeping tigress. Clearly annoyed that she’s sleeping, he swats at her to wake her up. Well. That was a bad idea. She starts swiping at him while she’s still upside-down and then quickly takes a few more swings at him while she’s upright. After that, she crouches in a very angry pose, teeth bared.

The hilarious part of the video happens after that – the tiger suddenly tries to play it off, ambling over to a nearby drinking pool. “Oh. Look. Water. I’m thirsty all of a sudden. Are you thirs-“ “GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.” “No? I’d be thirsty after napping. I always get that cotton-mouth taste..” “GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!” “OK, OK. I’m going… I’m going…” The tiger ambles back up the hill, presumably to go to sleep himself.

What really cracked me up was that at the beginning of the video, we hear a little girl saying that she wants to hear the tiger roar. As we see the tiger making his way over to the tigress, she’s following along on the other side of glass. When the tigress lashes out like that, this little girl runs off the screen so fast, she has a potential to be an Olympic sprinter when she’s older. The tiger and the girl learned something at the same time – Be careful of what you wish for.

I’m jealous though – cool stuff like this never happens at the zoo when I go. Have you had anything like this happen on a trip? We’d love to hear any stories you might have in the comments section.

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