TikTok artist brings tears to masked strangers who have never been shown kindness before

Strangers surprised by Devon Rodriguez

In our present world, a priceless gift might just come your way by surprise. An artist, Devon Rodriguez, does something extraordinary for everyday people. It touches their heart greatly.

Devon draws impressive real-life portraits of subway train riders. They are touched by the “art” of gestures and receive the gift gladly. He does it so fast and in great detail.

One particular train rider was moved to tears. She was speechless by the gift of love, which made her world go round. Devon also won the heart of another rider with his world-class art.

Devon Rodriguez drawing strangers

The young man, unaware of what was coming, got blown away by the drawing. It was slick. He dropped his book mindlessly as he happily gazed at his own image.

Several commuters have also been caught unawares. It is a gift from the heart, leaving recipients in awe of the fantastic work. Oh, a rider even stamped in great joy.

One distinct quality about Devon is his speed. He starts and finishes his drawings and paintings before the end of the trip. In short, his artistry combines observation and speed brilliantly.

It creates a stellar expression of the riders; his art is definitely off the chart. Devon paints and draws in style, leaving delightful memories and invaluable art with his fellow commuters.

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