Tim Conway’s antics at the dentist’s clinic have Harvey Korman in stitches

Tim Conway and Harvey Korman

Harvey Korman and Tim Conway deliver outstanding performances in “The Dentist” that leave the audience roaring with laughter. This is easily one of the most popular sketches from The Carol Burnett Show.

Tim Conway

Korman plays a man with a terrible toothache who makes an emergency Sunday visit to his dentist. He finds out that he’ll have to settle for his dentist’s son-in-law, played by Conway.

Newly graduated from dental school, Conway starts the antics by admitting that he mainly got C’s in school and cheated on his final exams. All the while, Korman tries to mask his laughter as pain.

Tim Conway and Harvey Korman

Finally retrieving a manual to go through the steps of tooth extraction, Conway bungles the first part by injecting himself with novocaine in the hand…then in the leg…then in the head.

Korman tries to keep his cool but ultimately ends up laughing just as hard as the audience as Conway stumbles around the room on a deadened leg with a numbed-up hand.

Tim Conway and Harvey Korman

Spitting out a couple of teeth, Korman wraps up the skit with the numbed-up Conway charging him $40 for the visit, and the scene cuts amid sidesplitting laughter from the crowd.

Sit back and get ready to laugh as you watch one of the funniest pairs in comedy from one of America’s favorite programs, the beloved ‘Carol Burnett Show!’

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Tim Conway\'s antics at the dentist\'s clinic have Harvey Korman in stitches