Tim Conway Steals the Show in a Saloon on The Carol Burnett Show

Don’t we all just love a throwback to those golden days when comedy was pure gold and wit reigned supreme? The Carol Burnett Show was the beacon of such comedy, especially when Tim Conway and Harvey Korman teamed up on screen.

We are taking you back to one classic moment that left us in splits and remains etched in our hearts – the hilarious cowboy saloon sketch. This laugh riot starts in an authentic wild west setup, a cowboy saloon, with Vicki Lawrence making a grand entrance.

Her elegant gown and feather cap makes for a spectacle, but her playful “Luke” greeting to everyone sets the comic tone. The saloon folk are then startled by the news of a bank robbery by a certain “Luke.”

Enter the stage, the dashing outlaw, Harvey Korman, his cunning smile hiding his notorious identity. He settles down for a round of cards, only to be joined by the most unexpected company – the ‘Oldest Sheriff,’ Tim Conway. Conway’s comical attempts to enter the saloon, peeking and crawling through the door, it’s impossible to control your laughter!

The duo’s subsequent card game takes the hilarity to the next level. Conway’s goofy persona, coupled with his struggle with the ‘sticky’ playing card, has Korman chuckling uncontrollably. Each of Conway’s expressions as he checks his cards is a comedic masterpiece, leaving the entire studio audience in fits of laughter.

But the climax of this comic opera is yet to come. Conway springs into action when Vicki Lawrence tips off the sheriff about the robber’s identity. His hilariously slow “You are under arrest” declaration to Korman is followed by the threat of a quick draw showdown.

However, before the sheriff can show off his ‘lightning’ skills, Vicki intervenes, shooting Harvey herself. The grand finale? Tim’s gun goes off after a beat, causing chaos in the saloon and ending with him hilariously shooting himself in the backside!

Every second of this sketch is a testament to the comic genius of Tim Conway and the brilliant ensemble of the Carol Burnett Show. We’re sure you’ll agree; it’s comedy gold and never ages. Relive the laughter and reminisce about the magic of this unforgettable era of humor.

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Tim Conway Steals the Show in a Saloon on The Carol Burnett Show