Time won’t let me forget this 1966 hit

Remember the group called Outsiders? No, me either. Remember the song “Time Won’t Let Me”? Yes, me too!

Source: Wiki Commons

Speaking of time, where did the time go??? This song is over 50 years old, and still amazing!

In 1966 “Time Won’t Let Me” topped out at number 5 on the Billboard Music Charts. The garage band from Cleveland called themselves The Outsiders, but they never managed another hit.

Great song. The lead singer, Sonny Geraci (RIP) went on to lead the studio group Climax in one of the greatest songs ever recorded, “Precious And Few.”

They did once make it onto the TV show Hullabaloo, in 1966, while the song was still on the charts. This video clip showcases their talent, and their sweet moves. The music from the ‘60s was something special, but there has been nothing like the sweet way those boys moved, ever since.

Watch and listen to The Outsiders, in 1966 on Hullabaloo.