Tiniest Kitty Listens To “Uptown Funk.” Yet, The Reaction? This Had Me In Hysterics! LULZ!

If it’s catchy and you’re low on cash, just put it on the internet. Obviously protect the rights, but put it on the internet and wait. Sooner than you might expect, your music will be in the background with an adorably huggable animal friend grooving out to it. I’m sure that will not only make you happy, but also, it’ll make me happy. I’d super appreciate it, but I can understand if you can’t swing it.

There used to be rumors floating around about cats that the way they thought or whatever wave their brains function in, resulted in a different or negative result. Clearly, not negative. Merely different and preciously squeezable. The white chest hair that leads up to her precious little mouth and eyes is one of the cutest hair styles I’ve ever seen. It’s more than that though, it’s more than just looks with this kitten.

It’s how funky-fresh Winnie is. How” cool,” “hip,” and “with it” she proves herself to be. You can’t fight the beat, it will consume you, just like it has this young kitten. Winnie, without even trying becomes entranced as soon as the song comes on. The low-down beat, turning to a special kind of pop-funk really seems to speak to Winnie. Thanks to the assist from Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars, we got to see this precious story unfold. Yet for the finale? You’ll lose it when you see what Winnie does!

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