Tiny cabin is perfect place for couple to retire and relax

Charles and Bob live together in their tiny home, the Hermitage, on Lookout Mountain in Georgia. Charles bought the small log cabin in 2018, and Bob moved in with him at the end of 2020.

After living in Los Angeles for twenty years, Charles was tired of the hustle and bustle of city life. The price of living in the city and the upkeep became too much.

He relocated into a cozy 400-square-foot log cabin with warm wooden interiors all throughout. An electric fireplace in the main room adds to the ambiance and keeps Charles and Bob warm in the winters.

Downsizing helped the two cut down not only the amount of stuff they had but also cut down on costs. Depending on the season, electricity is only $30-70.

Charles’s advice for tiny home living is to find your passions and bring them with you. For example, he is passionate about music and kept a full-size church organ in the tiny house for a year.

The couple also loves how much character their tiny home has. Charles invested in handcrafted countertops, wood trim, and furnishings to really bring the place together.

Charles and Bob both show how a tiny space can be suited ideally to the people inside with a little bit of thought and creativity. They love living in their tiny home community and look forward to many more years there.

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Tiny cabin is perfect place for couple to retire and relax