In This Vodafone Ireland Commercial a Tiny Piglet Runs Away from Home

Some videos know just how to touch your heart, and the following video is one of them. In this video, you will meet Dorman, the postman and his new best friend. During one of his morning routes, Dorman comes across a tiny piglet on the road. But rather than leaving her behind, he brings Piggy Sue into his van. He spends all day trying to find her rightful owner, using Vodafone’s phone service, but to no avail.

So that night, it rains, and he was keeping her outside, but she comes to the door, and he lets her in the house. They cuddle on the couch like old friends. It’s so cute, and so is this pig. When he finally finds her owner, though, he has a change of plans. You are going to melt when you see why.


When he arrives at the owner’s home, he sees a sign for Free Range Pork. What does he do? He drives away with the pig, and everybody instantly falls in love with this Irish postman. Piggy Sue changed his heart in a major way, and she will no doubt steal yours too.

This video is actually a commercial by Vodafone Ireland. They wanted to tell a “tale about how life is better when you’re connected to friends.” Wait till you see this touching clip. It might just make you never want bacon again. Watch this heart-moving advertisement below.

In This Vodafone Ireland Commercial a Tiny Piglet Runs Away from Home