Tiny Puppy Leaves Everyone In Stitches When She Farts On Her Brother’s Face! Hilarious!

This is a hilarious video about getting to know another dog. It features Mac, a corgi, and the newest addition to the family, Lacie, a puppy. Mac wants to be acquainted with his little sister, but Lacie plays dirty sometimes. She isn’t afraid of Mac and she doesn’t fall behind to show him that it is her turf now!

Mac is lying on the floor, showing his sister he is no threat. He’s sniffing and snorting, trying to play, and she’s a little bundle of energy, just barking and jumping around. Mac doesn’t seem to be doing what she wants him to do, but I think he’s trying to please her. However, something’s just not quite right.

Mac seems to give up and just lie there, looking at the camera like, “Help me,” and the next thing you know, the argument gets heated. Just when these siblings’ heated argument is getting even more animated, Lacie decides to take it to the next level!

She turns around and you can’t help but crack up at what she does! She puts her butt right on his nose, right on his face, and farts! She doesn’t bark, she doesn’t even move, she just puts her butt on his face and freezes in position, and let’s one rip! Oh, the look of horror on poor Mac’s face! This is priceless!

Watch the antics of this mischievous puppy on the video below and let us know how you reacted to that video in the comments!

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