Toddler Hears His Favorite Elvis Song, Runs to the Dance Floor and Makes The King PROUD

 2-year-old William took his parents by surprise when he suddenly ran out the middle of a dance floor to bust a move.

Toddler dances to Jail House Rock

The two-year-old stole the show with an impromptu dance to the beat of his favorite Elvis Presley rock tune, Jailhouse Rock.

Watch the music synchronized moves of the toddler, but wait for the finale as you will be amazed by what he does!

So where did William receive his inspiration? His family is involved with Studie43, and you guessed it, it’s a dance studio. This kid has a big future in the dance and entertainment industry, judging by this amazing dance. At the very least, he will never want for a dancing partner. He’s just too cute. Who could possibly resist?

He is so cute and there is nothing wrong with letting your little ones dance.  He is only two and is being allowed to express himself and I say! He is doing a great job. Love the end where he takes a bow and stands there for a few seconds lapping up the adoration of his fans. Kid’s got talent and charm!

Watch little Willam’s dazzlingly dancing display and share his heartwarming performance with your friends. This little dancer will bring joy to everyone.

Not to be outdone, this little girl does her best Aretha Franklin routine: