Toddler is disappointed when he misses out on mommy’s goodbye kiss

Being a momma’s boy is a real thing. This toddler gives his dad a speech after mom forgets to kiss her favorite boy goodbye.

The fabled goodbye kiss before work has been a household tradition since the beginning of time. It is about comfort, and letting the other person know that you’re thinking about them. That tradition was broken after a mother missed a scheduled goodbye on her way to work.

As the son looks up to his dad, he complains with excited breaths and body language. The son was shocked that his mother would rush out the door and forget his goodbye kiss.

When the father starts translating for his son, it becomes one of the funniest things ever. He takes the broken words of his son and makes complete sentences. In fact, the dad may have egged his son on a bit about the kiss.

There is no doubt that mom will come home and give her son the kisses he deserves. And after this performance, she will never forget again.

Pay close attention to his sibling in the latter half of the video. The puzzled look on that infant’s face is almost as comical as the dad’s translations. This is one of those viral videos that you’ll never get tired of watching.