Tom Ball: The AGT Singer That Moved the World with His Haunting Rendition of ‘Creep’

Tom Ball

On ‘AGT: All Stars 2023,’ Tom Ball returned to the stage to deliver a crowd-pleasing rendition of Radiohead’s hit, ‘Creep.’ The singer succeeded in ‘Britain’s Got Talent,’ and this performance reminds us why.

Tom Ball

Tom performs with a serious tone fitting of the song. He wears a black suit, and the stage is black with lights of white that streak down. Tom’s version of the alternative rock song has more orchestration than the original.

The four orchestral musicians sit behind him in chairs, playing along with the song’s dark motif. Tom gives his heart and soul in this performance, singing, “I’m a creep. I’m a weirdo. What the hell am I doing here? I don’t belong here.”

Tom Ball

‘Creep’ was the debut single from the English rock band ‘Radiohead.’ While it was released in 1992, it has stayed in the public consciousness through countless cover versions over the years.

Tom Ball is from West Sussex, and he came to fame after competing in season 15 of ‘Britain’s Got Talent.’ He takes his musical influence from Elton John. Tom used to be a secondary school teacher.

His first-ever performance on ‘BGT’ saw him receive a minute-long standing ovation for his powerful singing. Since then, he’s continued to sing leading up to this all-star performance on ‘AGT.’

After delivering the fantastic performance, Tom walks off smiling, and Howie tells him he just raised the bar for everyone else on the show. It truly was one of the best vocal performances they have seen.

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Tom Ball: The AGT Singer That Moved the World with His Haunting Rendition of \'Creep\'