Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga glow as they sing ‘I’ve Got You Under My Skin’

Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga

The legendary Tony Bennett and the illustrious Lady Gaga came together to sing ‘I’ve Got You Under My Skin.’ They met in a music studio accompanied by a full band of musicians playing for them.

Tony Bennett wore a checkered suit with a colorful, eye-catching tie. Lady Gaga had a big black ribbon in her hair and had a gorgeous white dress on.

They greeted each other and took their place by their respective mics; the band was already playing the music. Several dim yellow lights surrounded them in the studio.

Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga

Tony Bennett opens the song, and Lady Gaga watches him. She dances in her place, swaying and spinning to the music. Then she joins him in singing. Both of them perform wonderfully.

Their voices compliment each other perfectly. Tony Bennett’s vocals are as sweet and soothing as ever. Lady Gaga is powerful and controlled. Two of them together is a dream come true.

When Lady Gaga sings her own parts, Tony Bennett watches her with a fond look in his eyes. They are having the time of their lives and appear to be fine friends.

The band plays beautifully, and Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett finish the song by holding a long sustained note. Everyone in the studio is happy and satisfied with their phenomenal performance.

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