Top 10 Best Christmas Movies of All Time

When you think about Christmas, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Presents? Music? Food? I will pretty much come up with the same answers. This time of year, is as heart-warming as it is wonderful. When you have a chance to go out of the house at night, this is probably when you are most reminded of the time of year. Christmas lights are everywhere along with the Christmas spirit.

Speaking of the Christmas spirit, do you remember what was the very first Christmas movie you ever saw? In my case, it was the classic “A Christmas carol.” This is an awesome movie with a great message that never gets old. It has been done and redone over the last few years, at least more than two dozen times. I am sure you know at least one or two people that you can say resemble one or two of the characters there.

The character that I’m more familiar with is Scrooge. You remember the story, right? Without giving the movie out, for anyone who has not seen it, Scrooge was an old guy who was very fond of money. He had a small business that he had built over the years with sheer hard work. He didn’t have any family to go back to every night after work. It had always been only him and his employees and that’s the way he liked it.

It was Christmas season alright, at least for everyone except Scrooge. For him, this time of year was only another excuse for people to spend money and for people’s finances to go down the drain. He did not celebrate Christmas, he thought he did not need to. It would get very chilly at this time of year, but he would not allow the fireplace to be used. He would say that a coat was good enough to weather the whole season.

One of his employees had a small son who was very sick and needed crutches to walk. He needed to get him treatment but could not because the money he made with Scrooge, was not enough. Anyway, Scrooge had quite an awakening by 3 very unlikely fellows who visit him while he’s sleeping. The movie, of course, has a very happy ending and a wonderful message.

Have you ever wondered what movies would make a top-10 list of Christmas movies? This next list features the very best of the best. These movies will make you laugh, reflect and above all, make you happy you are here right now. This is the season to be jolly, and to get your movie on!